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In the Takeaway Fused Glass kits you have everything you need to make  2 x  fused christmas wreath decorations These kits are suitable for anyone from 4 years (supervised) - 104 years old.

The Kit contains:

2 x Precut clear glass  rectangles with circles drawn on 


Glue sticks

Wooden spoon

Glass frits

Glass stringers

Prefired glass blobs

Return label



Once you have received your kit and made your decorations leave them to dry for 24 hours. Then  just post them back to me in the box. The glass is packaged inbetween foam packaging so will be well protected.  I will fire the  wreath decorations,add a hole and ribbon and post them back to you. Firing will cause the predrawn circle to disappear.

The instructions are easy to follow The postage price includes me posting the original and the return postage back to you. Additional precut bases can be added to your pack for a further cost.

If you are buying as a gift I can always post them directly to the recipient with a personalised note from you.

Please message or email if you have any questions. 

Takeaway Fused Glass Wreath 2 pack

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